Working with the team at Brad Cox, Architect, inc, we were able to create content and build a website, hand in hand.

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Website Design | Videography

Brad Cox, Architect

About project

Brad Cox has seen significant growth over the past decade. A new digital portfolio had been on their minds for a while, but Brad and his team have been busy. Finally, a holiday season break was approaching and Brad and his team were ready to take the next step.

The tools:

Strategy & Research | Creative Direction | Web Development | Photography | Drone Videography

What is the problem?

With their growth, the Brad Cox team has been expanding their offerings- from residential architecture, to commercial and community, to interior design. The biggest hurdle was... organization. How were we going to design a website that showcased all of these offerings in a simple and easy-to-understand way? The residential offerings included new builds, renovations, ADUs, and remodels. The community offerings included churches, schools, commercial buildings, and libraries. With dozens of projects to showcase, and many services to highlight, we had to think hard and organize. Who are the people that were coming to the site? What were they looking for? What did we want them to see and do while on the site?

What is our solution.

  1. Human-Centered Design. Human-centered design is an approach to problem-solving commonly used in design, that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. Realizing that the user personas were so vastly different, based on such a long list of services, we had to focus on each user journey separately. When you reach the landing page, you are given your high level "doors" into the site- residential, community, interiors, and client portal (we will talk more about this soon). ​If a user, interested in interior design services, is coming to the website to see the interiors portfolio, they probably don't want to have to get through libraries and commercial properties that Brad has designed. We wanted to give them a clear and straightforward path to the exact content that they came to the site to find.
  1. Client Portals. As all business owners know, there is not one platform that can run all your operations. Running a business takes a lot of time and energy, and we want to help our clients do it more efficiently. After understanding Brad's team more and the way they do things, we realized that there was an opportunity to streamline the client communication process. By creating a "client portal" we have allowed Brad's team to share with their clients: blueprints, contracts, renderings, and more. We also added a way for clients to upload documents directly to the portal to share with Brad's team. One less third party platform needed and one more reason for client's to go to the site.

We've got you covered!

What's the use of a kick-ass website if you don't have the content to showcase?

We deployed our drones and DSLRs out to a few of the properties that Brad has designed. This gave us a rare opportunity to not just create content, but to create content for a specific purpose on the site. We didn't have to think inside of a box and create parts of the website based on the content we had- we were creating simultaneously. Because of this, we were able to step outside of traditional design thinking and create something super cool.

RGB was amazing to work with! They are extremely professional, very responsive, and highly talented.

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