Molly DeVries is the OG when it comes to sustainable living. It was a privilege to work together and bring her products to more people.

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Molly DeVries had been doing what she has been doing for decades- helping others live sustainably. We were honored when she asked us to help with a website refresh.

The tools:

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What was the problem?

Molly is one of the most brilliant minded people we have ever met. She has an incredible knack for finding creative ways to live a more sustainable life- whether that comes from less single-use plastics, to recycling, to her favorite... composting. However, she needed help to bring these products to life.

What was our solution.

  1. We had to first focus on photographing her product line. Her items have been so carefully curated and researched, coming from all corners of the world. We were astonished with the level of care, love, and time that she had spent ensuring that her products were only of the best in the world. Working together in her Mill Valley, CA shop, we used natural light and recycled props to bring these products to life.

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