To this day, this project is one of our favorites. From brand, to website, to brick-and-mortar shop, we worked with owner, Amy, to bring her vision to market.

Service Provided

Brand Development | Website Design

The Edit Shops

About project

Amy Lowery, owner of The Edit Shops, is one badass business woman. We were privileged enough to work with her to bring her vision for The Edit to market.

The tools:

Strategy & Research | Creative Direction | Web Development | Photography | Visual Merchandising

What is the problem?

Amy had already built an incredible foundation for The Edit. When she approached RGB, she was ready to take the business up a notch. She was ready to launch an ecommerce website and create a more cohesive customer experience.

What is our solution.

  1. Building off of her current branding, we were able to extrapolate what she had and create a more well rounded brand experience. From adding more colors, establishing brand voice, and creating a social media strategy, we were able to build a brand with more value.
  2. From the brand guidelines that we created, we were ready to tackle the ecommerce website. Working within her business requirements, we were able to create a fully functional website that customers actually wanted to shop off of.
  3. Lastly, we met in real life to create a cohesive customer experience and match her brick-and-mortar shop to her brand. Working together, we re-merchandised the shop, brought in new furniture that more closely matched the aesthetic, and created signage to bring folks inside.

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