Sarah, The Overnight Trainer, was in need of a brand and website refresh. RGB was there to help.

Service Provided

Brand | Website Design

The Overnight Trainer

About project

Sarah Cannistra was ready to take the The Overnight Trainer to the next level. Her growing company had outgrown her then-current brand and website.

The tools:

Strategy & Research | Creative Direction | Brand Development | Web Development

What was the problem?

Sarah knew that she wanted to create a brand and website that reflected her personality- bright, fun, and creative. Her niche, corporate training and development, is not really synonymous with those adjectives... Given that, we wanted to create a brand and site that were inviting, and elevated the content.

What was our solution.

By utilizing a color palette that was vibrant and uplifting, we were able to bring a sense of fun to the brand (even if the content was boring). From there, we decided to create a website that was color-blocked and said peace out to boring old white backgrounds...

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