From psychotherapy to pottery- Tina Fossella was ready to take her business to the next level.

Service Provided

Website Design | Photography

Tina Fossella Pottery

About project

Tina has been an incredible friend to RGB over the years, so when she approached us for a website refresh, there was no way that we could say no.

The tools:

Creative Direction | Web Development | Photography

What was the problem?

Tina's pottery business was continuing to grow, and she realized that selling direct-to-consumer was a better business decision than focusing on wholesale. To many, the difference is small; however, when it comes to website design, these two concepts require vastly different websites.

What was our solution.

  1. Before we could move forward with the website refresh, we had to focus on photographing her insanely detailed product line. From lighting, to aesthetic, to props, to angles, we gave attention to every detail to allow the products to be showcased at their fullest potential.
  2. Once we had finalized the photography, we moved on to the website. From here, we decided on a simple and minimalist design that allowed the products to be front and center.

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